Kris Kuhlman's Hydrogeophysics Research

I'm a hydrogeophysicist interested in hydraulic well/packer testing, parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification, flow and transport in ultra-low permeability rocks (e.g., salt, shale, granite, and deep crystalline basement), and coupled hydrogeophysical processes (i.e., electrokinetics, poroelasticity, and thermohaline convection). I am interested in the numerical aspects of integral transform inversion (Laplace and Hankel transforms).

Kristopher L. Kuhlman
Applied Systems Analysis & Research Dept.
Sandia National Laboratories

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Software is free for use and redistribution via the MIT license; direct any comments or problems to me (contact info at top of the page). I will try my best to help or accommodate you. Programs are command-line programs (i.e., no graphical interface), either compiled from fortran source using a simple makefile or as python scripts. If you cannot compile or run the program yourself, I may be able to help you compile it or set up the right environment to get it working. I can provide a Windows executable from fortran source.

For most of the programs below, the files are available both as a zip archive (ZIP) and as a directory for browsing (DIR). Most programs have links to a Mercurial (bitbucket) or Git (github) repository.

These repositories are typically obtained by cloning the public repository (hosted at github or bitbucket) using the git or hg clients on your workstation. See help documentation on github and bitbucket elsewhere.